Dwellings of Eldervale Second Edition - Inglese, indipendente dalla lingua - IMBALLATO

99,99 €

Deluxe Eldervale


The portal opens and presents to you a copy of Luke Laurie's epic worker placement fantasy game. Includes every thing in the standard edition and more! 8 elemental minis, 20 metal dragon coins and 100 wooden resources add a fun flair to your game, making it truly the deluxe way to experience Eldervale. Stretch goals will be added when appropriate. Shipping will be charged after the campaign, please see the shipping section.


  • Dwellings of Eldervale Game
  • Fearsome Beasts Miniatures Set
  • GameTrayz Inside
  • Custom Wooden Meeples
  • All Standard Stretch Goals
  • All Deluxe Stretch Goals

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